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About Threnody: "Here is the most beautiful and complete dance composition this observer has seen... this is something approaching perfection."
Louis Horst

"Her dance springs from the pulse of the heart and courses outward into the drama of life."
Walter Terry, The New York Tribune
For Miss Anthony, dance "is to be so full of life, so keenly aware, that the body overflows with its abundance of experience."
Josephine Fox, Dance Magazine
Miss Anthony's work, Songs, is "hauntingly lyrical (with) the emphasis... on simplicity and an ageless craft."
Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times

Also...  See Fred Timm's article in Dance Magazine (December, 1996 ) Mary Anthony at 80:  A Celebration of Life and Dance.   He calls Miss Anthony "one of those rare dancers who is not only an accomplished choreographer and teacher but -- rarer still -- a whole person who embodies what she teaches..."